Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Weekly Tiny Home: Grown-Up Tree House

I know that I'm like everyone else who has seen pictures of Camp Wandawega - each picture makes me want to go there immediately. Typically the idea of visiting Wisconsin was low on my list, until I saw this incredible tree house. The combination of their awesome manifesto and amazing property would make for a perfect long weekend with a bunch of friends or family. You can event stay in cabins, tents, and teepees!
 I would love to read a book and then nap in this spot - especially with a good Fall breeze! I love that they are using a ladder as a railing.
The mixture of exposed wood and white paint is always lovely. Especially when paired with a bunch of windows. Sighs...I am in love.
Check out more about the property and couple that built the camp here!


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