Monday, July 16, 2012

art flat

i am so excited! in less than a month, we will be in germany! for the first part of our trip, we have rented a flat in berlin through it's a super cool website where you can rent rooms or full apartments/ houses for vacations through the private owners. we will be staying in the mitte district of berlin in a flat located near the berlin wall memorial. i love that the flat will give us some privacy and a chance to shop the local markets and cook in for some of our meals. we got a great deal and are paying close to what it would have cost to stay in a hostel with shared bathrooms!
i love the white walls and natural light. i think this will be the perfect place to retreat after long days spent exploring the city!

after we head to jocketa/ saxony (the german countryside) for the wedding, we'll come back to berlin for one night before catching our flight home. the hotel we have booked for the last night in germany is awesome (i'll share more about it later)!

now we just have to finalize all of the stuff we want to see while in berlin! good times!


  1. dang that flat is amazing!! you guys are going to have such a blast.

    1. wish you could join us! you and j should check out airbnb for future travels. it's really cool! love you! xo


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