Monday, July 30, 2012

summertime, and the living is easy

so sad that this weekend is over! it had the perfect mix of productivity, good company, outdoor activities, and down time. j + i had a lunch date at our way cafe and it was incredible! imagine all your favorite southern food and all the veggies are vegetarian! fellow vegetarians can appreciate this, because it is so rare that veggies don't have a huge piece of back fat soaking in them! i definitely didn't need to eat the spicy cornbread, but i loved it (and the small salad i ate at dinner because of it later).

on saturday, we worked in the yard (it's coming together slowly but surely) and then cleaned the house. i went to zumba and got the sweetest call out in class and some really great advice (thanks jamie). i even met a sweet girl that also got certified last week! our niece, natalie, came over to spend the night and we all went to dinner for some yummy burritos. we read books together (including one of my favorites, "the butter battle book."

yesterday, we all laid around together and watched the olympics for a while. we went on a long walk and played in the creek then headed to the neighborhood pool! we beat the crowd and got plenty of diving board time to ourselves. natalie got to spend time with the neighbor's little girl playing with kittens and barbies (dream play date for a 7 year old girl). j + i ended the night with a sushi dinner and watching gymnastics.

happy monday y'all!

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