Tuesday, July 10, 2012

the best is yet to come

what an incredible weekend! the love that i felt was unbelievable and i am thanking my lucky stars for having such amazing people in my life!

on friday night, i knew j had surprise plans for me and i honestly had no clue on what the night would consist of. we headed to a late dinner and pulled in to soul vegetarian (my favorite!) and i couldn't believe when i saw a table full of my closest friends! i was completely surprised. to top it off, one of our best friends happened to be in town for an extra night (due to a flight misunderstanding) and he showed up for the birthday evening. such a great surprise indeed! 
we spent the rest of the night getting ice cream at morelli's (hellooooo salted caramel) and then went to noni's to dance. it was a bit crowded and the crowd wasn't that great, but we had a fun time regardless. i'm so lucky!

on sunday, j threw me [another] belated birthday party with a 40 foot inflatable slip n slide! we had such a blast. lots of great food, friends, water balloons, and stunt challenges. it was well worth the money for the rental and the ruined grass! i definitely recommend a slip n slide for any summer party. i would also recommend having a great group of close friends to share it with!

28 is going to be the best year yet! thank you to everyone who helped me celebrate - you all are the bee's knees!

"what a grand thing, to be loved! what a grander thing still, to love!" - victor hugo


  1. Looks like so much fun!! Wish I could have been there :(

    1. lily! you were missed like crazy! whenever you come back, we'll throw another one in your honor :)


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