Tuesday, July 24, 2012

weight loss: 7 month check in

i wanted to take some time to share a bit about my recent weigh loss journey.
2011 was definitely a year of apathy for me - which is hard to admit since apathy is one of the absolute worst personality traits in my opinion. when it came to my health and weight, i was completely apathetic.
i ate french fries whenever i wanted and could easily tear through a whole pint of haagen-dazs rocky road.
i shouldn't have been surprised when my weight hit an all time high around the holidays. the worst part was recognizing what i was doing, but not wanting to do anything to change my ways.

finally a few days before the new year, i decided to make a change. it had to be my decision and i knew i needed to implement some small goals to make the long journey ahead seem less daunting. i started my 30 day challenge to get myself more active. along with the month goals, i started weight watchers online. weight watchers always has deals to get you to join (i.e., joining fee waived with purchase of 3 months) so i took the opportunity to join and i haven't looked back!

for those of you considering joining weight watchers online - do it! they have so many wonderful resources and their mobile app makes logging your food and progress so easy. plus, with weight loss, your diet/ eating habits accounts for 90%. it doesn't matter how much exercise you do if you eat cake afterwards!

with weight watchers, you get a daily allowance of points (based on your current weight), a set value of extra weekly points (to allow you some room for error), and you can earn more points based on your activity levels! plus, raw fruits and veggies have zero points which is great when you want a healthy and tasty snack.
as you log your food, it automatically calculates your remaining points!
one of my favorite features of weight watchers online is their daily health checks! this helps ensure that you meet your suggested/ required servings of water, calcium/ dairy, fruits/ veggies, multivitamin, healthy oils, and activity. it's nice to have this feature to help keep yourself accountable on such important needs for your body!
so far, i am down 36 pounds since i started in late december/ early january! 

as far as exercise goes, i've been very successful in maintaining physical activity, because i've found some things that i love! i walk my dog every day (minimum of 30 minutes), but i also go to the gym 3-4 times a week minimum. my favorites have been cardio funk and zumba! i'm still trying to incorporate some strength training, running, and restorative classes (like pilates and yoga) into my routine. it's a great feeling to actually love being active and to not be afraid of your body holding you back from doing things you enjoy.

7 months down, a lifetime to go (and i couldn't be happier)! i have some exciting news for later this week!

if you have any questions at all, feel free to email me njlehrer@gmail.com!

"a year from now you may wish you had started today" - karen lamb

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