Friday, July 6, 2012

fantastic fourth

our 4th of july was wonderful! we had a few bumps in the road, but overall we had a blast.
since j was sick on my birthday, he wanted to celebrate on the 4th since we had the day off. we tried going to lunch, but everywhere was closed! we eventually ended up (after driving all over the city) at mellow mushroom and then we went and saw your sister's sister at midtown art cinema. the movie was incredible and felt so real and sincere. i felt like i knew the characters and they were friends i have. if you haven't seen it, please do!

then some of our closest friends came over for a last minute cookout. we managed to pull together a very great meal filled with tons of roasted veggies, corn, and then yummy berries and kiwi for dessert. it was such great company and laughs, but unfortunately the dogs were not happy at all about the loud fireworks. poor townes confined himself to a hallway and was shaking all evening.

i also got pink eye which was a buzzkill! i've been confined the last few days while on meds but after today i'm no longer contagious!

i'm so excited for this weekend! j surprised me with an awesome event for sunday and i absolutely can't wait! i'll share more next week!

hope you have a peaceful weekend!

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  1. Jeremy and I were going to go see that movie this weekend, but yesterday was the last day playing :( we LOVE Mark Duplass though. Have you seen Safety Not Guaranteed? We're going to check out the new Woody Allen movie this weekend. Excited to hear what the surprise plans are!


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