Friday, July 27, 2012

own it and bring it!

yesterday was a super exciting day for me!
after months of waiting, it was finally time to get certified to teach Zumba!
the class was taught by eric santana who was one of the original 13 instructors taught by the founder of Zumba. his energy was great and he taught everyone so much about the basics.
the day was loooooong (from 9 am - 6 pm) and we spent a lot of the time dancing. it was exhausting (required multiple changing of clothes), informative, and so much fun.

i met some great ladies from all over the southeast and got all the tools to start being able to teach!
now i just have to choreograph some routines and then practice, practice, practice.

it's unbelievable to go from feeling like am unhealthy and out-of-shape person, to loving fitness and even becoming an instructor (soon enough)! hopefully the inspiration and fun that my awesome instructor, jamie, puts into every single class will be how people see my class. if someone new goes to a class and doesn't love it, it could turn them away from Zumba forever so i want to be a teacher that helps each person have fun and get in shape!

i'll keep you guys posted on when i start teaching. in the meantime, i'd love some guinea pigs!

hope you all have a fun weekend!
lots of love!

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