Monday, July 2, 2012

birthday + weekend recap

well - it's official! i'm 28 years old!
going into the weekend, poor j got strep throat and with the weather being 106 degrees (!!!), i knew we'd be limited on celebrating. on saturday, i went to my parents' house to swim since it was the only way to be outside. i also went and got a mani/ pedi to treat myself. i felt so bad that j was stuck in bed all weekend, but at least he's on antibiotics so he should be better in no time.

on sunday, my actual birthday, i took a nice long early morning walk with townes and then went to body sculpting class at the Y. it feels great to go to a class like that where you can really challenge yourself and feel your body's strength.

sunday night, j managed to muster up enough energy to come with me and my family for my birthday dinner. we ate down the street at melton's app + tap so we wouldn't have to go far. food was great and then we headed back to our house. my family was very generous and got me some great gifts!

after my family left, j gave me my birthday gifts. j is such a great gift giver and i am so lucky. i got some new asics (in bright coral and yellow - love!), a kilm pillow cover, awesome bracelet, rings, 2 books, and some stenciled paintings that j painted for me. ♥♥♥

i've got a mexican dinner date with my best friend tomorrow, j's taking me out on wednesday to celebrate officially, thursday we're celebrating with my in-laws, and then there's a secret plan for sunday! i'm not usually one to prolong birthdays into birthday weeks, but i'll take it!

p.s. thank you to everyone who took the time out to wish me a happy birthday yesterday! my heart is so full!

how was your weekend? what'd you do to stay cool? 


  1. Cute shoes!! So glad you had a good birthday. Love and miss you!

    1. thanks dear! i know you're all about the peach/ coral color too :)

      i wish you were here to celebrate with me! love you and loved your phone call! xox


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