Saturday, July 17, 2010

atlanta occasions magazine

a few months ago, i was told that our wedding was going to be featured in the "atlanta occasions" magazine. i hadn't heard anything since then, but figured i'd find out eventually. well today, i thought i'd look through the new magazine online when low-and-behold! there was our wedding in the summer/ fall 2010 magazine on pages 108 and 109!

the layout looks great and it will definitely be cool to show our kids one day (far, far from now j - don't worry. haha).

you can click through the magazine below:

now we've got to make sure we get to a local barnes and noble to pick up some copies!

p.s. for the record, i wasn't contacted before this was published so there are some mistakes. for instance, j and i are vegetarian NOT vegan (sadly) and neither of us have an aunt betty.


  1. woohoo!!!! i didnt know this made it to print either, not i gotta go find a copy!!! looks so rad.


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