Wednesday, July 14, 2010

time travel

so i am not sure how common it is, but my j is intrigued by all things related to time travel [sorry if i'm throwing you under the bus on this one, babe]. whether it is fantasy time travel (see LOST), studies about time travel, or just trying to brainstorm time travel, j could talk about it for hours.

anyways, i found this shirt and keep meaning to buy it for him. it's pretty awesome. if you ever find yourself traveling back in time, with this shirt you'll be able to take credit for modern breakthroughs of the future. a perfect gift for the history, sci-fi, or funny man in your life.

my favorite part is the "other fun inventions: gears, catapults, glasses, kites, thermometers, scissors, circular saws, buttons, forks, paint rollers, written and spoken language, the wheel, rudders, cpr, umbrellas, screws, condoms, delicious carbonated water." haha,


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