Friday, July 23, 2010

rock n roll

[image via flickr]

i love this music map. it really has all the iconic bands from each music genre. although some of the connections between genres has me a bit puzzled, it's pretty damn accurate. seeing all of these great bands (there are some exceptions on this list - see limp bizkit) is helping set the friday playlist. whatever it takes to get through the day, right?

this weekend will be pretty uneventful outside of the deck staining. i can't wait to be able to cross this project off the to-do list. we still have to build the pergola and build slats under the deck but that'll come this fall.

here's the initial sneak peek at the very first step we did: pressure washing!

an incredible difference, huh? we had no idea that the wood would look so great after pressure washing (yes, we're first-time home buyers). i'll post a follow up with the full process.

now i just hope that the stain i picked out isn't too dark!

i hope you have a wonderful weekend filled with all things lovely.

p.s. this a picture from our seats at the game yesterday! we sat in the walter bank's suite area named after our usher who has worked for the braves for over 38 years! oh yeah - the braves won!

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