Sunday, July 18, 2010

bed time!

i am so excited to share some big news!!!

j and i bought a new bed yesterday! ok - so maybe that's not big news for you, but i have been looking for a bed for 6 months+. seriously.

i'm generally not very picky (although my childhood nickname of "picky nikki" would seemingly state otherwise), but for some reason, picking out a bed was so difficult. the main issue being that i love the simple look of antique beds, but they all come in full size. also, most antique-looking beds typically come in ebony or ivory finishes. since we were trying to keep our current dark cherry dresser, it made the search a bit more tedious.

but today, we finally found the perfect bed! it has an antique feel and it's not too feminine or masculine. we can also finally use our box spring and put our current bed in the guest room.

here's what our bedroom looks like currently with the infamous ikea malm bed (this picture is a bit outdated actually):

and i'll post new pictures once we get our new grayson upholstered bed (from basset furniture) delivered! even better is that the bed was originally $1,499 but we got it on clearance for almost 1/3rd of the original cost!

sighs - man it feels good to be done bed hunting.

what about you? did you struggle as much when picking out your bed? what kind of bed is your favorite? upholstered? poster? panel? i'd love to know!

1 comment:

  1. Super cute bed! I love upholstered beds, especially rectangle head boards that are quilted looking.


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