Thursday, July 22, 2010

gooo braves!

today is going to be very busy, but at least it's all fun things.

as a team outing for work, today we'll be going to the 1:05 Braves game against the Padres. i'm really excited (even considering it'll be roughly 98 degrees outside during the game)! to add to this excitement, turner field now sells veggie dogs too! ♥

after the game, i have to hurry home for my weekly ukelele lesson. i've really been practicing strumming and transitioning. i'm hoping today that i can learn a song to practice because i feel like that will really help motivate me and make me feel like i'm really making progress. considering i've never really played an instrument (playing the piano for a year at the age of 7 and playing a recorder in elementary doesn't really count, does it?), learning to play at the age of 26 really makes me feel like anything is possible. maybe not anything, but it's a start!

after the lesson, we're going over to our great friends' (victor and anna) house for dinner. eggplant lasagna! now i just hope we have enough time to make the bruschetta that i promise to bring!

although i'm looking forward to the day, i have to admit, i'm also looking forward to being done with this week. it's been great but super busy. sadly, the weekend won't offer any relief either because we have to stain our deck! we're on a crunch because our close friends come back from germany next week and we're hosting everyone at our house for a cookout.

good times. good friends. i guess i can get over all this running around. we'll sleep when we're dead!

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