Friday, July 16, 2010

yeah mon

as a last minute decision, j and i decided we needed to see the ocean - badly. we needed to be alone on the beach somewhere with books and cocktails.

however, due to the fear of tarballs in the gulf and pricey costs of charleston, we decided to go to montego bay, jamaica. we knew it sounded kind of crazy - to be planning a trip to the caribbean two weeks in advance, but we're grateful that we're able to do these kind of spontaneous trips for now (i.e., no kids and no pets).

we left for jamaica on my birthday and while we were waiting to board, j was called to the counter to check in which was weird considering we'd already checked in at the delta kiosk. when he was walking back towards me he had the most amazing grin on his face, because we had been UPGRADED to first class! it was such a nice surprise!

once we got to jamaica, we had a few trials and tribulations getting settled at the hotel but we got everything resolved and life was good. this definitely wasn't the nicest place we've stayed but considering the cheap prices and that we planned the trip last minute, we were pleasantly surprised. and for the record, jamaicans were completely drawn to j - i think beards make you an instant rastafarian. or maybe they loved him because he looks like jesus (he had many different people tell him that) - haha!

the rain came in quickly and it was only lunchtime so we decided to get couples massages until the rain blew over. the massages were incredible! it was completely worth every penny. after the massages, we hung out by the beach for a bit (although the sun never came back out) before going in to get ready for dinner. meals were ok at the grand palladium; however, for vegetarians, it can be awfully difficult to find food that we can eat.

the next morning we headed out for our canopy ziplining tour. we had the best time ziplining and our guides ryan and gussy were a blast.

after ziplining, the rain came and never stopped so we did a lot of reading (i finished the grapes of wrath for book club and j is reading ishmael).

the last day was by far our favorite! we walked over to the beach on the other side of the resort to do some water sports.

we initially kayaked but we were immediately drawn to the sailboats. they tried charging for "lessons" if you had never sailed, but one of the workers offered to teach us for free. it took him about 5 minutes to teach us and then we were off!

by the way, it's pretty ironic that we watched the movie castaway the night before, huh?

we could have stayed out on the ocean sailing forever. and ever.

we had been talking about taking sailing lessons and buying an old sail boat for a while before this trip, but now the spark has been lit and we can't wait to make it happen. we may even go look at a boat from craigslist this weekend!

we were only gone for 3 full days, but it was a great trip of new adventures! for our next beach trip, we'll avoid all-inclusives (we just don't drink and eat enough to make it worth it) and will sail the whole time, if possible!

i hope you have a great weekend. any fun plans? we're just hoping it doesn't rain so we can finish our deck - a post on that to follow!


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  1. You guys need to try tree climbing and the canopy walk at my (summer) workplace - it takes a little more work than a zip line, but is really fun!


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