Monday, July 19, 2010

plastic = bad

since plastic is so bad for the environment and our health, i try to avoid it like the plague. besides being bad for the future of the earth and the landfills, i am also convinced that it taints food and drinks - to the point where i can actually taste the plastic. like my husband, i'm sure you'll call me crazy, but i really can't help it.

my complete disdain for plastic has lead me to find alternatives for standard uses of plastic. for instance, for storing food and planning lunches, i always use my fishs eddy glass storage bowls (granted the lid is plastic but i remove them before microwaving and i only hand wash them as well). these bowls allow me to easily pack our lunches without having to use plastic tupperware and they make me so happy with their beautiful vintage designs. they are also perfect for gift-giving and portion control which is always nice!

another favorite anti-plastic product is my sigg water bottle. besides being completely BPA-free, they are also refillable so NO MORE plastic bottles being unnecessarily wasted. plus, with tons of styles, you can find colors and/or art that suits you perfectly. below is my current sigg bottle and it follows me everywhere.

the other obvious plastic indulgence is plastic grocery bags. although j and i have a lot of mismatched random reusable grocery bags (including a crocheted reusable bag made out of plastic grocery bags as recent gift from my best friend), there are some really durable, compact, and stylish options available from baggu.

who knew that being good for the environment and your body could look this good? ♥

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